Jewelry Care


Love your jewels!

Metals such as Sterling Silver tarnishes when exposed to chlorine, humidity, salty air, sulfur, perspiration, household bleach, cosmetics and other strong chemicals.Take care of your jewelry to prevent tarnish, as much as possible, and to preserve its appearance and longevity.

We recommend:

- To avoid contact your jewelry with sand, saltwater, chlorine, any chemicals or strong products, such as cosmetic products and perfume.

- To avoid contact your jewelry with lotion, fragrances and hair products.

- To take off your jewelry when swimming or bathing, before exercising at the gym or doing physical activity.

- Remove your jewelry while sleeping.

- To store your jewelry in a safe, clean, dry and cool place.

- To avoid store your jewelry in a place exposed to direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.  

 The gold-plating of our items is not guaranteed to last forever. The level of body sweating, the chemicals on the skin or even the pH level of each person’s skin affect the time at which Gold-plated jewels will lose their color. For all of these reasons, it is necessary to love and take care of your gold-plated jewelry.